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Lawrence County Emergency request address signs be placed at the end of roadway

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 18, 2024 - Early Thursday morning fire crews from multiple fire departments were dispatched to a reported house fire at 292 Popcorn Road in Springville.

Photo: Indian Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department arrives at a reported gas leak in Springville Thursday morning

Perry Township, Indian Creek Township, Oolitic, Marshal Township, Monroe Fire Protection District, and Shawswick Township Volunteer Fire Departments was dispatched to the incident which turned out to be a reported gas leak at the home.

Personnel from the volunteer fire departments was not available requiring multiple departments to be alerted to this morning's call.

Photo: Addresses are difficult to be found with small letters and numbers on mailboxes especially of a night

The home was using both propane and natural gas there was no fire at the residence.

However, the issue this morning fire crews from Indian Creek Township had a difficult time locating the residence that sat several feet from the roadway.

The driveway to the residence was not properly marked as required by county ordinance.

In the event of a medical emergency such as a cardiac arrest seconds and minutes could mean life or death. When emergencies occur of a night this issue is more challenging.

Photo: Reflective signs help locate addresses of a night

Emergency crews request a blue, green, or red reflective sign to be placed at the end of each drive to properly mark their drive. This makes it easier to locate the residence.

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