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Lawrence County Election Board approves Primary Ballot with a few minor changes Thursday morning

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MARCH 14,2024 - The Lawrence County Election Board approved the Primary Election ballot Thursday morning with only a few minor changes.

Lawrence County Election Board members John Williams Jr., Republican, Don Robertson, Democrat, and Amy Voorhies Lawrence County Clerk approved today's primary for the May 7th Primary.

The pain staking task of making sure the ballots are accurate and the candidates names appearing on the ballot properly.

This includes the Republican and Democrat ballots being checked for accuracy.

Photo: Julie Blackwell-Chase will appear at the top of the ballot in the Lawrence County Council At-Large race

One of the many quirks in Indiana Election law, Julie Blackwell-Chase name will appear at the top of the ballot in this year's primary. One might think that the candidates appear in alphabetical order but that is not always the case in how a candidate appears on the ballot.

Photo: A sample ballot for this year's Lawrence County Primary ballot ballot

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