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Lawrence County Commissioners to Meet on Tuesday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 11, 2022 - The Lawrence County Commissioners to meet on Tuesday at 9:30 at the Lawrence County Courthouse.

Lawrence County Commissioners Wally Branham, President Rodney Fish and Dustin Gabhart

Agenda Listed below:

Lawrence County Commissioners Meeting

August 16, 2022

9:30 A.M.

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Public Hearing – Vacate Alleys in Leesville

3. Approval of Minutes for: July 28, 2022 Executive Meeting

August 2, 2022 Regular Meeting

4. Approval of Claims

5. Approval of Payroll

6. Appointments:

7. Items for Consideration:

8. Department Reports:

Highway – Brandi Webb - Contract

Emergency Management – Valerie Luchauer

Sheriff – Mike Branham

Chief Public Defender – Tim Sledd

9. Any Unfinished Old Business:

Monte Goen- Vacate Alleys in Leesville

10. Adjournment


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