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Lawrence County Commissioners Approve Health Care Plan for County Employees

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 5, 2022 - The Lawrence County Commissioners approved a new health insurance provider for its employees. United Health Care was chosen to the insurance provider.

Lawrence County Commissioners Wally Branham, President Rodney Fish, and Dustin Gabhart

According to the county commissioners this will be a 6.2 % reduction in costs under this plan.

  • Anthem Annual Current Premium Cost - $3,206,999

  • Anthem Proposed Cost Next Year - $4,429,391

  • United Healthcare Proposed Premium Cost - $3,007,020.96

  • IU Health Plans - $2,565,985

County employees are asked to get with Parker Group, or Travis Sanders, Human Resources to enroll in the program by August 1, 2022.

In other business:

  • Approved Steve Steuer, request who represented the Jehovah witness group to set up a place to distribute literature on request. The group will not approach or hand out literature freely but will on request. The group already does the same at Orange County Courthouse, Greene County Courthouse, and Orleans Farmers Market. The group was only given temporary permission.

  • Approved the request from the Southern Indiana Development Corporation request to extend the completion date on the South -Central Region Sewer District project in Judah to September 31, 2022.

  • Approved the State Mileage Reimbursement rate for county employees which is $0.49 a mile.

  • Valerie Luchauer accepting formal Hazard Mitigation Plans from all local communities with a meeting on Friday to discuss the plan. She thanked everyone for the cooperation.

  • Approved a resolution to establish a County Tourism Board, according to a recent audit the county did not have a ordinance in place to accept an In-Keepers Tax or Tourism Commission as required by law. Somehow the paperwork has been lost since the commission has been active since 1981.


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