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JAX Walk comes through Lawrence County heading to "Salute Our Warriors" event in Michigan Saturday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 25, 2023 - JAX Walk made his way through Lawrence County on Saturday headed to the Sixth Annual "Salute Our Warriors" Event in Rochester Hills, MI. which will be held on July 13th.

Jack Huffman, age 36, Center Line MI, this Saturday was on his 43rd day of walking more than 1,200 miles to reach his destination. He left on May 13th trekking through the elements, and temperatures to reach his goal.

The purpose of the walk is to raise money for the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Project which helps soldiers pay living expenses such as utilities, mortgages, etc. and the families of the fallen.

" Veterans have given us the ability to chase our dreams, and this a good way to pay them back," said Huffman.

" The walk today was wonderful, a lot of the community came out with water and food and incredibly supportive, " as he made his way from Mitchell Saturday morning and arriving in Bedford Saturday night.

The Lawrence County Zephyr done the interview under the flagpole of the Lawrence County courthouse during the Limestone Heritage Festival.

Huffman was a veteran himself for a short period of time, however his family has served and termed as lifers in the military. His family serving in every branch of the military.

On his journey throughout the United States one thing Huffman has noticed is this country is not as fractured as one is led to believe.

" We are not as nearly divided as we are portrayed to be. I have only seen kindness and generosity in all the communities that I have come into. This has been an absolutely a wonderful experience,"

In his journey, a homing pigeon Nikki has traveled with him all the way and will be released with 100 other doves at the event in Michigan.

Those interested can go to and donate to his cause.


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