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Jackson's Barber Shop Opens in Mitchell

MITCHELLL - AUGUST 5, 2023 - A new barber shop has opened in Mitchell with the shop available to both men and women.

Jackson's Barbershop is located at 269 Indiana State Road 60 East in Mitchell.

Photo: Jackson Barber Shop is located at 269 Indiana State Road 60 East in Mitchell, Indiana

Joshua Jackson got his training in New Castle, Indiana and now is a licensed barber.

" I am excited to be able to start my own business, I work in a factory still but I am hoping this can grow into a full-time job for me. I have learned over time not what to do, " said Jackson.

" I am doing walk-ins and call-in appointments, with haircuts, hi frequency treatments to help treat acne, and non- surgical face lifts," added Jackson.

Photo: Jacksons Barber Shop just opened in Mitchell, Indiana

The office hours are from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Tuesday - Saturday being closed on Sunday and Mondays.

Jackson helped the Men's Warming Shelter in providing haircuts to the men using the shelter to help them find jobs and improve their appearances for job interviews.

" I fell on hard times myself and wanted to give back to the Men's Warming Shelter for helping me and getting me where I am at in my life. I will do anything to help someone, but in the end a person has got to do it on their own," added Jackson.

Pricing include:

  • Men's Haircut - $20

  • Beard Trim - $20

  • Hair cut and Beard Trim - $35

Walk-ins Welcome or call to book at 812-545-9158.

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