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IU Health: Smoking cessation and National Nutrition Month


BLOOMINGTON - MARCH 6, 2024 - Quitting tobacco is good for your lungs and overall health, but did you know it can help you get the most out of your food?

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“The food you eat provides nutrients that your body needs to function to its best ability,” said IU Health Community Health Tobacco Prevention Coordinator Kristen Terry.

“What smokers users may not know is that their tobacco habit reduces their body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals in food.”

National Nutrition Month is celebrated each March to help promote making informed food

choices. Terry also sees the recognition as an opportunity to inform people of another benefit of quitting their tobacco habit. 

“When your body gets the nutrients it needs, you tend to feel better physically and mentally,” says Terry. “Food also tends to taste and smell better for non-smokers, so quitting can help you better enjoy your meals.”

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This tobacco cessation expert knows addiction is hard to beat—even when you know about the benefits of quitting—which is why she suggests making a quit plan and having the supportive resources you need for long-term success. 

Call 1.800.Quit.Now for help from a trained quit coach and get started on your plan. You can

also call this number for free, evidence-based tobacco cessation support. to learn more.

For local tobacco prevention and control efforts, visit the Tobacco Free Coalition of Monroe

County on Facebook.


Coming to American Rental 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana 11:00 am

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