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Inmate counts fall below 100 at Lawrence County Jail after transferring DOC inmates to Greene County

LAWRENCE COUNTY -FEBRUARY 27, 2024 - Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day reported that inmate counts fell below 100 during both the county commissioners and county council meetings on Tuesday.

According to Sheriff Greg Day the jail count was 85 on Tuesday night after moving 20 Indiana Department of Corrections inmates to the Greene County Jail.

Photo: Sheriff Greg Day

The county only receives $35 a day from the Indiana Department of Corrections to be housed at the Lawrence County Jail. This does not come close to covering the expenses of housing those inmates.

According to public defender Tim Sledd the whole court system has worked together for the recent trending in the reduction of the jail population.

  All the Lawrence County Judges which include Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge, John Plummer III, Lawrence County Superior Court II Judge Bob Cline, Prosecutor Sam Arp II, and Chief Public Defender Tim Sledd have been finding solutions to make sure the jail population stays under control.

Sheriff Day has proposed $5 million in renovations at the facility which will extend the life of the current jail. This comes after a proposed $46 million new facility that will have a final cost closer to $60 million by the time the bonds are paid off.

A Justice Study by the Lawrence County Commissioners included a Lawrence County Justice Campus putting all the courts, jail, probation, prosecutors office and other justice systems partners at one location. The $46 million price tag was only for a new jail.

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