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INDOT explains Indiana State Road 60 West Detour following concerns by local residents

HURON - APRIL 2, 2024 - The Indiana Department of Transportation responded to the Lawrence County Zephy's inquiry on a detour that will be needed later on this year on Indiana State Road 60 West.


The Indiana State Road 60 project will require a road closure for a small structure replacement and a slide correction.

This project, when it begins, is expected to take 45 days. The slide correction is the main need here for the closure and time.


A slide correction is a project that stabilizes a roadway and the ground underneath. INDOT is always keeping an eye on our roadways and when we find that there may be instability a correction is needed. Unfortunately, this means a complete closure is needed during this type of project.


The official detour will be U.S. 50 to State Road 37. Local traffic will have access up to the point of closure on State Road 60.



“INDOT’s official detour for this project must use State Roads because these are the roads we as an agency maintain. However, we do understand the motoring public may use other means of getting around a closure. Our team has talked with the county and understand that Beaver Creek Road may be used utilized by people working to get around the closure locally. Our crews will take note of the condition of the roadway before and after the closure to address any repairs that may be needed once State Road 60 has re-opened.” Gary BrianPublic Relations Director Indiana Department of Transportation Southwest District.

The Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandy Webb and Lawrence CountyCommissioner Dustin Gabhart requested INDOT to reconsider the planned detour due to the narrow roadway and concerns semi's would get stuck on the railroad crossing.

Original news story:HURON - MARCH 29, 2024 - Despite safety concerns expressed by local officials and local residents the Indiana Department of Transportation has ignored the pleas for a better option for a detour along Indiana State Road 60 West onto Beaver Creek Road.

This comes after the Indiana Department of Transportation will be making repairs to a rock slide that will close the busy highway this summer. There is a large amount of semi-traffic that uses the state highway between the 50/60 West split and Mitchell, Indiana.

On two separate occasions the Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart and Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandy Webb have requested a one lane closure.

The requests have been made to seek a compromise but the INDOT have refused to address the issue.

The closure is expected to last 45 days with a start date that has not been announced.

A resident told the Lawrence County Zephyr that he contacted former Lawrence County Commissioner and Indiana State District 65 Rep. Chris May and has not received a response.

In addition, the resident have reached out to the Indiana Department of Transportation and received no response from the agency.

File photo:

" Beaver Creek Road is not adequate 2 lane road for cars, not to mention the large dump trucks and semi's that pass through. The roadway is nearly destroyed now." said the local resident who spoke to the Lawrence County Zephyr on Thursday.

Lawrence County government does not have a highway engineer to facilitate a discussion on the matter and use data to support the compromise requested.

Photo: The CSX Transportation has little or no rail traffic in the area

For residents who want to reach out to INDOT can do so by email: or phone: 855-INDOT4U ( 463-6848)

Indiana State District 65 Rep. Chris May - Phone 1-800-382-9841 or

Indiana State District 44 Senator Eric Koch - Phone 1-800-382-94658

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