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Indiana State Police Release Traffic Plan for Football Game Friday

BLOOMINGTON - SEPTEMEBER 1, 2022 - This coming Friday, 9/2/22, at 8pm your Hoosiers host the University of Illinois to start their 2022 season.

That means traffic before and after the game will be greatly impacted on I-69, SR 45/46 Bypass, and around campus.

Now is the time to start planning your trip and the @iupolice and ISP along with several other agencies from the area will implement a traffic pattern to expedite fans traveling to and from the game.

Expect road closures and officers directing traffic. We are working with IU to communicate traffic patterns, expectations and changes through social media and use of the Waze app. Make sure you follow both agencies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pre Game Expectations

- I-69 College Ave/Walnut Ave. southbound Exit at the 123mm WILL BE CLOSED! Use the 120A Exit to the ByPass.

-All Bypass traffic will be prioritized to the Stadium. That means Troopers will be keeping those traffic lights green for a longer amount of time. If you’re at those intersections not going to the stadium, expect delays. Use alternate routes.

Post-Game Expectations

-All traffic on the Bypass will be prioritized to leave the stadium. Expect road closures to southbound access to College Ave. Dunn, Fee, and 17th St.

-Westbound access to the Bypass from 10th St. will also be closed. To get to IU Health Hospital utilize Discovery Pkwy from 10th St! There will also be no access (turn lane) to Southbound 10th St from Westbound Bypass. Westbound access from 3rd St will be limited.

This pattern is not new and has been in effect for several years. Be patient and Have a Plan!

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