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In a 2 - 1 vote the Lawrence County Commissioners allocate $30,000 to Men's Warming Shelter

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 7, 2023 - In a 2- 1 vote the Lawrence County Commissioners approved $30,000 of unrestricted funds to go towards the Men's warming Shelter in Bedford.

Lawrence County Commissioners

This is a onetime donation.

The Men's Warming Shelter operation costs are $273,000 a year.

Lawrence County Commissioner Dustin Gabhart voted against the request stating the Men's Warming Shelter is not addressing homelessness in Lawrence County. The Men's Warming Shelter is open to those who do not reside in Lawrence County.

Many residents in Lawrence County are having trouble getting assistance because of many restrictions, rules and barriers that many churches, organizations and non- profits have placed on local residents in getting assistance.

Many residents are living on the streets, vehicles, and campers throughout Lawrence County. Homelessness has grown over the years in the county for a variety of reasons.


Located at 1416 Jamess Avenue 1416 James Avenue

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