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I Love Lawrence County Because Feature - End of April Submit Your Pictures and Comments

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( April 2, 2022) - The Lawrence County Zephyr is doing a feature on Lawrence County called " I Love Lawrence County Because".

In this feature we would like to feature the old with the new, as well as highlight the communities that are within.

This includes, Buddha, Bartlettsville, Huron, Lawenceport and the many places in between. Lawrence County Zephyr is calling on subscribers to submit stories, as well as pictures on "Why you Love Lawrence County,". Submission are due by April 16th with a feature that will be completed by the end of April.

Subscribers can submit information on businesses past or present, former or current community events such as parades, festivals, sports events.

Depending on the amount of submissions; this will either be done in several features or just one feature.

Submit the content to

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