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How Long Will "Rescue Robin" will be confined? White River Humane Society Fundraiser Set to begin

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 - The "Rescue Robin" Fundraiser is set to begin this weekend for the White River Humane Society.

"The Huskies" are ready to meet you for the next several days"

The goal is to raise $30,000 for the White River Humane Society within 30 days.

This year's event will be held on the parking lot of Rural King. Rural King itself being a strong supporter of animals.

Rural King in Bedford is the location of this year's "Resue Robin"

Gearworks (Jasckson's Heavy Haul) will help get the "castle" for the group delivered starting on Friday, for the first day of the event starting on Saturday.

There are many needs of the White River Humane Society which is a "no kill facility" trying to get dogs and cats to loving homes.

Be sure to come out Saturday and until he the goal is reached. Robin Compton has volunteered in this role and has been successful in this event.

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