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How Child Care Affects Businesses The next Lawrence County Economic Growth Council’s

How Child Care Affects Businesses

(The next Lawrence County Economic Growth Council’s Workforce Coalition Quarterly Meeting will look at how childcare)

is impacting our businesses and local workforce

LAWRENCE COUNTY: jULY 31, 2022 - At a time when businesses are struggling to find employees, the Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee revealed that there are about 2,000 young children in Lawrence County under six years old who may need care because all the adults in their house are working. There are only 450 known childcare spots in programs that are licensed or registered with the state. Where are the rest of the children going while their parents are working? Are parents not working due to lack of childcare?

When childcare is unstable for parents, it’s not just the families who suffer, but their employers as well.

According to the Regional Opportunity Initiatives’ The Economic Impacts of Investing in Early Childhood Education in Indiana Report, Lawrence County employers are losing an estimated $12 million annually due to a lack of child care and childcare related absenteeism and turnover. Their studies show that for every dollar invested in early childhood education, the return on investment can be $4-$15 due to many factors. Transform Consulting Group will be addressing this issue and offer solutions at the upcoming Lawrence County Workforce Coalition Quarterly Meeting on August 18th.

Joe Timbrook Director of Career Development Lawrence County Economic Growth Council

“Childcare is affecting all of us, and that’s why we want to spend some time learning about how our businesses can help their employees and our communities address the childcare gap at our quarterly meeting, "stated Joe Timbrook, Director of Career Development, Lawrence County Economic Growth Council. Timbrook also said, “Other items on the agenda will include grant updates, manufacturing week programming, and presentations from community and regional stakeholders.”

The Workforce Coalition’s Quarterly Meeting will be held Thursday, August 18, 2022 from 11am – 1pm at Stonegate Arts & Education Center. Please register by contacting Jennifer Jones, LCEGC Marketing Manager, via email: or by phone at: (812) 275-4493.

About the Lawrence County Economic Growth Council: The Lawrence County Economic Growth Council is a non-profit, local economic development organization (LEDO) existing to support growth of Lawrence County Businesses including startup support, workforce solutions, and technical assistance which promotes investment that improves the quality of life for our citizens. Learn more at

About the Lawrence County Workforce Coalition: The Lawrence County Workforce Coalition mission is to increase the number of workers qualified to fill employment positions by adopting an industry driven approach that aligns needs with education and training offerings. Learn more at

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