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Hoosier Uplands Donates $9,000 to Huron Volunteer Fire Department to purchase Safety Equipment

HURON - ( March 23, 2022) - Hoosier Uplands had donated $9,000 to the Huron Volunteer Fire Department to purchase safety equipment.

Huron Volunteer Fire Responded to a mobile home fire back in November 2021

" We are grateful that the Hoosier Uplands has donated $9,000 for some much needed equipment. This is the second time we have received a Public Safety Improvement Grant.," said Bill Kinser Fire Chief Huron Volunteer Fire Department.

(Huron Volunteer Fire Department responded to structure fire on Bryantsville Road )

Hoosier Uplands have been helping various public safety agencies throughout the area which includes Orange County Sheriff's Department and Crawford County Sheriff's Department in previous grant awards.


Kinser noted that the money will used to purchase two thermal imaging cameras and Rapid Intervention Team Bag to make quick rescues of trapped fire victims or firefighters themselves.

The thermal imaging camera will help to locate fire victims quickly.

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