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Bob Bridge

No happiness and sunshine today. Simply a somber thought from an old man watching his life savings steadily melt away:

Sitting in your fluffy slippers in the comfort of your air-conditioned abode and living vicariously through the drama generated by wannabe celebrities is not a meaningful life.

Whether intimately engaged in social media via your television, laptop or telephone, you are merely a petty participant, a pawn in an unreal realm.

Make no mistake, the United States faces a turbulent future. If you are anxiously anticipating the Golden Years, stop this moment and carefully reassess.

We are marching smackdab into a recession. The stock market is tumbling; inflation is soaring out of control; our southern border is in a state of siege and chaos; we’ve become financially entangled in a violent conflict in Ukraine; gas prices are nearing an all-time high; and we continue to reel from the impact of a global virus.

These things are blatantly evident and not particularly productive when it comes to fashioning a solid economy. Since I retired a few years ago I’ve witnessed an amazing phenomena: people staying home.

At first it was a result of the virus. Then, a few honest souls admitted: “Why should I go to work when the government is paying me more to stay home?“

A number of friends in management positions have been begging individuals to work. Their frustration has been palpable and ongoing. How can an enterprise operate without employees?

This is where the discussion generally turns political. And, there’s ample room for finger-pointing.

However, it ultimately falls upon the culpability of the voters, the adults responsible for selecting our leaders. Are we so gullible to believe all the promises shoveled our way?

How were we unrealistic enough to accept “free“ money believing the timely flood of dollars would not lead to inflation?

Why did we feel “entitled” to that make-believe treasure? Didn’t we realize we were spending our children’s future?

This period of inflation will not go away swiftly. I doubt our astronomical debt will ever recede.

Thomas Edison said: “What you are will show by what you do.”

Somebody will step up and fix this … right?

I’m relatively certain the insulated leaders will rescue themselves. But … what about us?

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