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Heidelberg Cement Company Expects 175 Employees with new plant operations and open house coming

MITCHELL - JULY 26, 2023 - Heidelberg Plant manager Tracy Crowther, gave the Lawrence County Council an update on the 10-year tax abatement given to the company.

The tax abatement was given to the company in July of 2019, with an estimated project costs estimated at $385,890,000.

After completion of the project it was expected to have a net value of $404,482,320 prior to the project was estimated value of $12.1 million prior to the start date.

The expansion was proposed in 2019, and started in the fall of 2020 and COVID causing some of delays for six months in 2021.

Photo: Tracy Crowther plant manger gives the Lawrence County Council an update on the tax abatement given to the company.

The kiln started production in May of this year. The company is planning a community Open-House during the Mitchell Persimmon Festival.

According to Crowther the plant employed a total of 123 employees when he took over as plant manager. The plant is now at 173 with an expected 4 to 5 employees to be hired in additionally in the near future. The goal is to maintain approximately 175 employees.

Throughout the project more than 1,000 construction workers converged in the Lawrence County area, which was a huge shot in the arm according to Lawrence County president Jeff Lytton.

Photo: The construction project was a large injection of cash to the local economy in Lawrence County over the last couple of years

" Any of you who, frequented the local restaurants probably had to wait in line, as the construction workers frequented the local establishments," said Crowther.

Many of the council members commented on how important the company has been to the Lawrence County area and thanking them for a job well done.

Photo: By the time the plant is fully operational approximately one million tons of cement will be shipped out by rail. This will mean the facility will ship out about 10,000 rail cars a year, in the summer time the plant will ship about 1,000 rail cars a month

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309 Indiana State Road 60 East Mitchell, Indiana

1420 L Street Bedford, Indiana

1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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