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GM Presents Compliance Statements for Tax Abatements

BEDFORD - JUNE 26, 2022 - The General Motors Company representative Glen Sampson presented the Bedford City Council members with their compliance statement for 2022.

This includes five tax abatements the company receives from the City of Bedford.


  • Personal property - 2016 - Furnish and Install Machinery, Equipment, and Special Tooling to produce aluminum Block Castings - The block CSS business have struggled according to Sampson but continues to improve.

  • Personal property - 2015 - Furnish and Install Machinery and Equipment and special tooling to support Die Casting Operation for various products. This includes 6, 8,10 speed transmissions

  • Personal property - 2014 - Furnish and install Machinery, equipment and special tooling to produce aluminum Block Castings - This is for the small gas engine business that is currently doing well.

  • Personal property - 2011 - Equpment and tooling to produce Mold Head Castings

  • Personal property - 2010 - Equipment and tooling to produce Mold Head Castings

The City Council passed to continue the abatements for General Motors and Mayor Sam Craig thanked them for being a community partner and business within the City of Bedford.

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