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Girgis Defeated in North Lawrence Community School Board Race - Collier will Remain

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVMBER 9, 2022 - The North Lawrence Community School board race had two incumbents try for another term. Kristen Collier who was first appointed to the position by Lawrence County Circuit Court Judge Andrea McCord, then was elected in 2018 General Election will remain for another term after beating out Craig Godsey and Jason Johnson.

Collier came on top with 3348 votes to the closest vote getter Craig Godsey at 3035 votes cast just a 313 vote difference.

Dr. Kamal Girgis speaks with a voter on Tuesday afternoon

However, Dr. Kamal Girgis was not able to hold on to his seat, after Barbara Millier was able to soundly defeat Girgis in his bid for another term. Barbra Miller garnering 5185 votes to Girgis's 3174 votes.

Collier and Miller will be joined by new faces Adam Parsley and Scott King. King who was actively involved in school board meetings before, during and following the Right Sizing of the North Lawrence Community Schools.

Craig Godsey and Scott King work the polls at Needmore on Tuesday

The North Lawrence Community School board closed four elementary school, and closed Shawsick Middle School and combined it with the Bedford Middle School, in 2020.

Due to a teacher shortage the North Lawrence Community School board failed twice to close the Oolitic Middle School.

The new school board will be faced with the challenges of post consolidation, and declining enrollment by public school trends over the last few years. and of right sizing the NLCS.

Lawrence County is now served by two charter schools, in Fayetteville and Springville.

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