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Future Story: What Kind of Improvements Are Needed at Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds?

LAWRENCE COUNTY - (January 24, 2022) - Lawrence County Zephyr will be looking at Lawrence County's oldest Youth program the (Lawrence County 4-H Fair.)

COVID brought challenges for attendance at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair, but numbers have been down over the last few years.

Recently, Lawrence County Council approved funding to the Lawrence County Preservation Fund. The Lawrence County Commissioners appointed a three-member committee to oversee the distribution of funds.

The need for facility improvements is overdue, however the Lawrence County 4-H Fair is limited on funds due to several factors, such as attendance and other rising costs.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission is looking at providing funds to the Fair and Exposition Center to provide Wi-Fi services and improve the appeal for those seeking venues to hold events at the location.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will be covering the developments of the funding for the improvements and how county officials address the needs of the facilities.

Lawrence County Zephyr would like to hear from Lawrence County residents on what draws them to the Lawrence County Fairgrounds and what they would like to see improved at the facility. If you are interested in responding for a future news story, email

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