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Firefighters Respond to Structure Fire Monday Afternoon - Home Owner Treated at Scene

MONROE COUNTY - ( April 11, 2022) – Monroe Fire Protection District was called to the

3800 block of W Woodmere Court just before this 3:00 p.m. This, afternoon for a possible structure fire.

While responding to the call dispatch advised the homeowner had possible burns to their hands.

Firefighters arrived at a single-story home with no visible smoke or fire from the outside. As

firefighters opened the front door they noticed a light layer of smoke inside the residence.

Crews made entry into the home to locate the fire. While crews were working on the inside

other firefighters located the homeowner in the back of the garage. The homeowner did not

want to leave the garage as they were holding a door closed to keep the dogs from getting out.


The homeowner told firefighters the dogs were large and very protective which is why they were trying to hold the door closed. A firefighter moved a nearby refrigerator over in front of the door to keep the dogs out and then assisted the homeowner out of the garage. The firefighters inside the home found the smoke coming from a smoldering rug in the kitchen and was able to drag it outside to be extinguished. Once the rug was pulled out a positive pressure fan was set up to vent the smoke out of the home.

The homeowner was checked out and released on scene by IU Health Lifeline Ambulance.

The cause of the fire was ruled as a cooking accident. Damage was minimized to the rug and stove area in the kitchen.

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