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Firefighters Respond to Controlled Burn on Stonington Road

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

MITCHELL - JUNE 5, 2022 - Firefighters were dispatched to a controlled burn in the 2800 block of Stonington Road Sunday morning.

Marion Township Firefighters were dispatched to a unattended controlled fire on Stonington Road Sunday morning

The 911 call reporting a structure fire came into Lawrence County Central Dispatch at 11:22 a.m.

Marion Township, Huron and Shawswick Volunteer Fire Departments, Seal Ambulance Service and Lawrence County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene.

Firefighters learned that the property owners burned the structure to clean-up the property.

The fire department wanted to remind residents that all controlled fires must be reported to the Lawrence County Central Dispatch non-emergency number. This prevents unnecessary fire department responses and risking personnel and the public while responding to these types of incidents.

Although Lawrence County residents do not have to purchase burn permits like the City of Bedford and Mitchell residents are required to do. Lawrence County residents are subject to Indiana Department of Environmental regulations in the types of products and material that can and cannot be burned.

Residents are at risk of fines for violations of IDEM burn regulations.

Because the fire was left unattended the firefighters extinguished the blaze which caught nearby trees and close to powerlines presenting a public safety hazard to other property.

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