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Firefighters Respond to Catalent Requiring Hazardous Materials Response Wednesday

BLOOMINGTON - SEPTEMBER 1, 2022 - Monroe Fire Protection District Hazardous Materials Unit responded to Catalent this morning in a mutual aid role for Bloomington City Fire Department for a possible hazardous materials incident.

Firefighters check over various air monitoring meters before making entry into the building (Courtesy photos Monroe Fire Protection District Public Information)

It was reported that a cooling tower leaked causing two chemicals to mix together creating an odor. For safety of the employees the building was evacuated. Bloomington Fire Department units responded to the initial call and once it was determined to possibly involve a hazardous material, they requested Monroe Fire Protection District Haz-Mat team for assistance.

Hazardous Materials Technicians suit up in protective suits before going into the building. During a Hazardous Material Response, a backup team is on standby to rescue other members should something occur (Monroe Fire Protection District Public Information Officer)

After meeting with the Catalent safety team MFD hazmat technicians made entry into the building to conduct air monitoring and secure any possible hazards still present. Once hazmat units checked and cleared the building fire units turned the scene back over to Catalent safety members.

No injuries were reported.

Below is a release from Catalent about the incident.

"On August 31, 2022, a cooling tower leak at Catalent’s site in Bloomington, Indiana, caused a chemical reaction that resulted in a localized odor that permeated part of a building in the immediate area. Emergency services were immediately called and responded to the incident, which was quickly contained. It has been confirmed that all employees from the site are safe, and that no injuries were incurred. The cause of the leak has yet to be determined. Catalent will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the incident and implement any corrective actions necessary to prevent any reoccurrence."

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