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Firefighters conduct Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter training at Monroe County Airport

MONROE COUNTY - AUGUST 25, 2023 - Monroe County Fire District firefighters along with Ellettsville Fire Department Engine 81 and Monroe County Airport -Bloomington,IN spent today's heat wave conducting Airport Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) training at the Monroe County Airport.

Photos: All photos provided by Monroe Protection District

The day consisted of a short classroom session before personnel went outside to conduct live fire evolutions with both ARFF trucks, hose lines, and simulated searches of an aircraft. Thank you to ARFF Specialists for putting on the class.

Aircraft emergencies are broken down into three categories:

  • Alert 1 - Indicates an aircraft is having a minor difficulty

  • Alert 2 - Indicates an aircraft is having a major difficulty with positive indication of a fire. A difficult or crash landing is expected

  • Alert 3 -Indicates a crash has occurred on or on the off the airport or high probability the aircraft will crash

The Monroe Fire Protection District has a fire station located at the airport.

An aircraft firefighting vehicle was purchased in 1994 along with the build to house the ARFf vehicle.

Maintenance employees completed the required training necessary to assume Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting stand by and response duties at the airport.

One of the runways at the Monroe County Airport is 6,500 feet , long enough for a Boeing 727 to land.

Approximately 104 aircraft are based at the airport.

The FAA will hold runway safety meetings at 90 airports at the end of September.

Two of those meetings will be held in Indiana at the Monroe County Airport and Terre Haute Regional Airport.

The FAA issued a Safety Call to Action in February due to string of incidents.

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