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Fire Crews called to assist French Lick Railway as Train stuck in rail tunnel

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

FRENCH LICK - JUNE 25, 2023 - Clarification: Emergency Crews was dispatched to Tunnel 2, Sunday afternoon to assist French Lick Scenic Railway after the train got stuck in the middle of Severe weather event. The story below lists 2nd Tunnel which is incorrect in the orginal story.

Fire crews from the French Lick Volunteer Fire Department and Orange County Rural District One firefighters have been dispatched to assist passengers who have become trapped near the 2nd Tunnel on the railroad.

File photo

At this time there it is not known the number of passengers on board the train, and there are not any reports of injuries.

A strong line of Thunderstorms has knocked over several trees in the area and a tornado was reported just northwest of the French Lick area in Martin County.

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