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Family comes from Ireland to hold sword of Lawrence County Medal of Honor recipient

Family comes from Ireland to hold sword of Lawrence County Medal of Honor recipient

BEDFORD – JULY 29, 2023 – The family of Captain T.J. Box came to the Lawrence County Museum on Friday and got to hold the sword of Captain T.J. Box who was in the Civil War from 1861 – 1865.

PHOTO: At the request of the family names was not mentioned

The sword was used by Captain T.J. Box Company D. 27th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Group.

He was working in the field with his team on a farm one mile west of Bedford, when he heard the rolling drums clear notes of Fife, He put up his team, came in and enlisted in the group.

Medal of Honer recipient Thomas J. Box (Source Congressional Medal of Honor Society

Capt. Box fought battles in Atlanta, Gettysburg, Sherman March to the Sea, He was also the grandfather of Gordon Lee.

T.J. Box was the only Medal of Honor recipient from Lawrence County during the Civil War.

The sword was used to capture the flags in which he received the Medal of Honor.

Medal of Honor action date was on May 14, 1864, in which he captured the flag of the 38th Alabama Infantry. The presentation was done on April 7, 1865.

He was born on November 7, 1833, in Bedford, Indiana and died December 18, 1914, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is buried in the Green Hill Cemetery. (Source Congressional Medal of Honor Society)

Dinah Cox, Bedford, who have been doing ancestry research and sent the information to her grandchildren who are from Ireland and wanted them to see the sword.

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