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Ellettsville Fire Department and Monroe Fire Protection Eliminate Jurisdiction Boundaries

MONROE COUNTY - MARCH 10, 2023 - On March 7th, 2023, the Ellettsville Fire Department and Monroe Fire Protection District strengthened their relationship and improved response times by eliminating their jurisdictional boundaries. Many citizens of both departments will now benefit from the closest unit being dispatched to emergencies, decreasing the amount of time for responders to arrive on scene.

Photo: Ellettsville Fire Department Response to a recent fire, photo provided by Ellettsville Fire Department

Ellettsville Fire Chief Kevin Patton says, “This is long overdue. Sending the closest unit only makes sense. When the public needs assistance, it does not matter what color the fire truck responding is.”

Since 1970 the Ellettsville Fire Department and Monroe Fire Protection District have assisted one another on emergencies through mutual aid and automatic aid to specific locations. In the past units have been dispatched based on fixed locations within their jurisdiction boundaries. Now, utilizing the benefits of technology the closet fire station will automatically be notified and respond based on relative location to the emergency, regardless of jurisdictional boundary. This allows firefighters to arrive earlier in an emergency, increasing the ability to save a life or prevent further destruction of property.

Monroe Fire Protection District Chief Dustin Dillard stated, “The purpose of a fire department is to protect lives, property and the environment. By working together, we improve the quality of service our communities receive, regardless of what side of the street they live on.”

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