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Editorial: Taxpayers locked out of the facilities they paid for (Eclipse2024)

LAWRENCE COUNTY - APRIL 3, 2024 - Editorial: As several thousand travelers will making their way to view the 2024 Eclipse many taxpayer funded facilities will be closed to public access.

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On a day when many of the local parks and public facilities should be enjoyed by the local residents who are taxed for the upkeep and maintenance of these facilities. the locals are told to stay home.

Emergency personnel and government officials have been planning for several months for this event that is expected to draw crowds of at least 300,000 in Monroe County alone.

The only people left out of the conversation is the local residents themselves.

Locals are asked to make detours and road closures may create more of a traffic nightmare than the restrictions placed on it.

The event is a once and a lifetime event, but emergency personnel and government officials should always be prepared at all times for such an occurrence.

What do you think? The emergency planners have done a good job or did they go to far?

Go to Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page to leave your responses.


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04 abr

If that golf course is left alone people are just as likely to be parked on the course, ruining the greens and destroying it because they don't care. So a few golfers are inconvenienced for one day. Preservation of the course is more important. City and county offices are closed what is the difference?

Me gusta
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