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Driver Escapes Injury Following Accident in Springville

SPRINGIVLLE - AUGUST 30, 2022 - A Linton man escaped injury following a traffic accident on State Road 58 just west of the State 54 Junction.

The 911 call reporting the accident came in at 5:29 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Todd Martin of Linton says he got to choking on some popcorn and passed out.

The episode started at the junction of State Road 54/58 and found himself waking up; after his vehicle struck the pole. Martin said the safety features of the vehicle prevented injuries.

Martin refused any further medical treatment at the scene without any other injuries except a minor scratches to his forehead. A pole was knocked down and property damage done to a property owners fence owned by Stan Armstrong.

Duke Energy was called to the scene.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department investigated the accident. Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department was called to assist at the scene.

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