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Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court Graduate a Testament to sucess of program

LAWRENCE COUNTY - OCTOBER 4, 2022 - The Lawrence County's Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court just had another graduate who completed the program.

Cody Combs and Meghan Black

On Tuesday, Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III was able to detail the success of the program and the latest graduate.

Cody Combs is a testament to the success of an important program in Lawrence County.

Cody Combs described himself as a wild child at the age of 16, who never went to school and was partying. He dropped out of school and Combs says that is when his life turned into chaos.

" My mindset was to live the wrong way, then the right way. I started building up anger, I felt like it controlled me. Combs started drinking heavily and doing drugs and it controlled me," said Combs.

In the mix he got married and had two beautiful daughters, and things got better. But, Combs said he could not control himself. He stated he was tucking away feelings, and instead of being assertive he became aggressive.

" Everything just had to go my way. I would not listen to other people in what they had to say about what was going on in my life," added Combs. " I wanted to live Comb's life, they way I wanted to,"

Cody said he put his wife and daughter life in danger selling drugs, to drinking and on to violence. That is when I put my hands on my ex-wife.

Finally, when Cody got out of jail the last time, he went to a higher power. " I threw in the white towel, and surrendered and asked for help,"

When Cody was considering the program, his public defender told him at the time " You are stupid, told him that not everybody graduates this program,"

When Combs got accepted to the program, " I just did not know what to think, and I was scared," But the program seen something in Combs, that he could not see in himself.

Joe Diebert started working with Combs on a one-to-one basis and started talking about life. Diebert holding Combs accountable with his words and actions. Then, setting goals for Combs to reach, and putting those to work.

Participants must work the program, to make this turn into a successful outcome.

Cody was homeless but his mom saw seen something in him and allowed him to stay with her. Cody began working on himself and saving money, and about halfway through the program he met his biggest supporter, Meghan Black. They are now proud homeowners, and now the sky is the limit.

" It feels great to where I am at today, I thought I be here two and half years ago," said Combs in a interview following today's graduation. Combs is now 30 years of age and has been a long journey.

" i did not think this opportunity would come," added Combs " I would not be here today and living the way I am without Meghan,"

" He was honest with me from the beginning, he has never lied to me." said Meghan Black. " We communicated through this entire process,"

Lawernce County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III


Domestic violence in Lawrence County is still a tremendous problem in the county says Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III. " We do not have enough services and resources to deal with this problem," says Judge Plummer.

The Lawrence County Problem Solving Court has proven time and time again it works, and changes lives and reduce the risk of domestic violence to those who participate.

"If we can rehabilitate within the community, it is the best way to rehabilitate. There are times when better to rehabilitate at the Department of Corrections," said Judger Plummer.

" We vet people very carefully, to make sure those coming in are good candidates and have an opportunity of success. But it takes real dedication to change one's life to get through the program successfully. Cody is an example of someone who's done that," concluded Judge Plummer III.

The Lawrence County Domestic Problem-Solving Court just recently passed re-certification with flying colors and will be certified for the next three years.

Allen County will be looking at Lawrence County's program to see if the program could be implemented there.

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