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Domestic Violence Court proves its effectiveness with three graduates on Tuesday morning

LAWRENCE COUNTY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 - The Lawrence County Domestic Violence problem solving court proves it effectiveness once again with three graduates.

Photo: Three graduated from Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court on Tuesday morning, From left to right : William Babbs, Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer III, Dustin Cox, and Nathan Anderson

The three worked hard to work through the personal issues that landed them in the criminal justice system. The graduates worked hard at their jobs to be successful and productive adults to their community being taxpaying residents and contributing to society instead of being a detriment to it.

Their success did not happen overnight as they three worked very hard to complete the requirements of the program.

  • Nathan Anderson - 722 days to complete the program

  • William Babbs - 844 days to complete the program

  • Dustin Cox - 860 days to complete the program

The three worked on restoring family relationships complicated by their actions and abuse.

Domestic Violence continues to be one of the leading crimes in the county. The need for the problem problem court continues however there is concern the program may end.

At this time there is only one participant in the Domestic Violence Court . In another news story we will find out how Mitchell School system will help educate students on the issues regarding domestic violence.

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