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Discussion: Elections and How Oolitic Town Council Members Are Elected Maybe Decided Next Month

OOLITIC - (January 31, 2022) - The future election of Oolitic Town Council members and how they are elected could be decided next month.

According to Town Council member Jon Broglin the town must decide these two questions by November 8, 2022.


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Currently, Oolitic town elections are held on odd number of years which next election will be held in 2023. By holding the elections on odd number of years, the cost the election is paid by the town which can run between $800 - $1,000.

After talking with Lawrence County Clerk Billie Tumey, it was suggested to conduct the election with the Lawrence County elections with the cost of the election being absorbed by county.

The next county election will not be held until 2026 which would extend the current town council's terms.

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In addition, all current town council seats are At-Large Seats, the council must decide to keep the current election of officers as At-Large Seats or Create Town Council districts which will be based being divided up by population.

Town Council member Jon Broglin suggested it might be difficult in finding someone to run if the town uses districts as the method of choice.

The town council is open to discussion on the matter, and residents of Oolitic are encouraged to contact each town council member to advise them on how they feel on both issues.

Broglin suggested in voting on the matter in February to address the issue quickly.

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