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Courts, Prosecutor, Public Defenders, and Sheriff Are Working to keep Jail Counts Lower

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 19, 2022 - Lawrence County Sheriff Mike Branham praised the Lawrence County Courts for working to keep the jail counts lower, during the Lawrence County Commissioners meeting this morning.

The jail count for this morning was at 109

With the cooperation among all the justice system partners, which include all the Lawrence County Courts which include Circuit, Superior Court I and Superior Court II, as well as the Lawrence County Prosecutor's Office, Public Defenders Office and Sheriff the jail population was reported at 109 this morning which is 61 percent capacity.

Total Counts - 109

Male - 89

Females - 20

Level - 6 - 6

Department of Corrections - 3

Parole Holds - 0

" The process of getting people out of the jail that did not need to be there, has really helped," said Branham.

Lawrence County officials is currently studying the need to construct a $46 Million facility proposed on Beech Street in the City of Bedford. According to the study the jail population will increase over the next 10 -20 years.

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