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AREA - (March 4, 2022) - COSMOS (The Collaboration of Shoals, Mitchell, and Orleans Schools) received a $14,274.00 grant from Duke Energy Foundation to create powerful communities in Mitchell, Orleans, and Shoals through digital fabrication and STEM programming.

COSMOS is one of 24 organizations in Indiana to collectively receive more than $300,000 in

grants from the Duke Energy Foundation.

COSMOS currently has a digital fabrication lab in each district that was proudly funded in 2020 by Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI). A fabrication lab is a dedicated space that empowers students to create functional solutions to authentic problems using computer-controlled tools like 3D printers, microelectronics, laser cutters, and CNC routers.

This grant, from the Duke Energy Foundation, will allow COSMOS to expand the use of digital fabrication within their corporations to provide access to elementary and middle school students.

With state-of-the art equipment and instruction, digital fabrication labs are developing a network of makers ready to excel in the next generation of advanced STEM careers. Additionally, this program fosters opportunities for experiential learning that allows students to develop skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and adaptability.

Apryl Kidd, Director at COSMOS, stated, “This funding allows us to remove barriers of access to high-quality STEM programming for students. Without generous funding from the Duke Energy Foundation, we would not be able to provide all students with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning and increase their exposure to careers within the STEM sector.”

“We all retain information better if we have a chance to apply what we learn in a classroom,”

said Duke Energy Community Relations Manager Bruce Calloway. “We believe this grant will do just that, and hopefully encourage students to pursue careers in fields such as engineering and math.

About COSMOS: The Collaboration of Shoals, Mitchell, and Orleans Schools is working

together to transform the educational experience for all students. You can learn more about

their story on Facebook and Twitter.

About the Duke Energy Foundation: The Duke Energy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Duke Energy, Indiana’s largest electric supplier. The foundation provides philanthropic support to meet the needs of communities where Duke Energy’s customers live and work. The foundation contributes more than $2 million annually in charitable gifts in Indiana, and is funded by Duke Energy shareholder dollars. More information about the foundation and its Powerful Communities program can be found at


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