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Controlled Fire to Blame for Rariden Hill Residential Fire

MITCHELL - ( March 22, 2022) -Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at 2:17 for a controlled burn that had gotten out of control.

Marion Township responded with brush units when dispatch advised that the fire had spread towards a residence.

Squad 55 and Engine 52 arrived on scene and found several burn piles, an RV, the woods surrounding the property and a residence well involved in fire. All occupants had evacuated the residence.

Engine 52 deployed 2 attack lines to combat the structure fire. Huron Fire was called for tanker support, Mitchell to establish a fill point for tankers and Hoosier National forestry to assist with the wildland fire.

Due to several explosions within the residence, suspected propane tanks rupturing crews were pulled back to a defensive position. The explosions and off gassing of the tanks also made for rapid fire spread within the residence.

Mitchell Fire Department, Hoosier Forestry and Marion units were able to contain the wildland fire to approximately 2 acres with minor fire spread onto a neighbors property.

Crews remained on scene until 7:08 for salvage and overhaul of the structure. Homeowners were advised that the residence would continue to smolder ,due to the destruction of the home, and to call us back if it became a problem.


The home and RV were completely destroyed, red cross was called for the displaced family.

No injuries were reported with the fire. Seals Ambulance Crews responded to the scene and treated a few for smoke inhalation.


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