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City of Mitchell to Begin Discussion About Stormwater Fees at June Meeting

MITCHELL - MAY 2, 2022 - The Mitchell City Council will begin discussions about a charging stormwater fees to address the issue of flooding throughout the city.

During the meeting Monday night, the concerns along Rabbitsville Road, Hel-Mar Addition and Teke Burton Drive were the area mentioned. However, there are other areas of stormwater runoff and concerns.

With the construction of several houses throughout the City of Mitchell in the area along Rabbitsville Road and Hel-Mar Acres Addition, city council members stated it was time to start addressing the issue.

The cost of fixing these problems would need the aid of grant funding. In order, to be eligible for grant funding there must be a storm water fee established by the city.

At the June city council meeting the establishment of a stormwater fees will be discussed.

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