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City of Bedford Gives Property Owner 30 days or house on U Street set to be demolished

Owner given 30 days

BBEDFORD – JULY 28, 2023 – Property owner Matt Survance was given until August 18th to get his property sold or torn down. The home located at 1330 U Street is uninhabitable at this time.

Photo: Property at 1330 U Street needs repaired or demolished or by August 25th

The City of Bedford Planning Director Brandon Woodward told the hearing officer Brad Bough the city is requesting the property owner be given an order to take action now, or home will be demolished on August 25th.

The property owner thought he had the property at 1330 U Street sold, however the closing of the property has not taken place and the buyer now wants to purchase the home on contract.

The purchaser wants to make repairs to the home and make it habitable again.

A public hearing on the condemnation and demolition of the home was held at 99::00 am Friday morning at the City Concourse located at 1402 H Street.

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