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City of Bedford approves GM Powertrain Industrial Waste to be released in city's sewer system and on into White River

BEDFORD - MARCH 10, 2024 - On February 20th, the City of Bedford Mayor Sam Craig, Bedford City Council and Bedford Board of Works approved rate hikes to it's sewer customers last month.

Photo: A couple of fishermen launch their boat below the Williams Dam to search for some crappie

In addition, after several years of discussion between General Motors and the City of Bedford, the city officials now will allow industrial waste into their sewer system by GM.

Photo: Bedford Mayor Sam Craig

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig told those in attendance at the public hearing on February 20th about General Motors plans to hook-up to the city's sewer system.

Mayor Craig has yet to fully disclose GM plans and the amount being charged to the company for being allowed to use their system.

The environmental impacts of not only to the White River, but should any leaks or failures in the city sewer system before reaching the White River have not been disclosed to the public.

Any mitigation plans and emergency plans should a leak occur has not been disclosed at this time. The project is in the beginning stages at this time.

Dan Bortner, who serves as Bedford city council member and Director of Indiana Department of Natural Resources advised that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is not in charge of the water quality but Indiana Department of Environmental Management Agency with this project.

Photo: City of Bedford approves GM Powertrain to hook-up to their sewer system

The industrial waste will eventually be released into the White River.

Liquid Industrial Waste:

Liquid waste falls into main categories: waste from manufacturing or industrial processes or municipal waste generated by residents and commercial activities.

As the name suggests, liquid waste is any waste product that leaves the production facility in liquid form.

Industrial wastewater is a huge environmental concern, especially since it often contains toxic or harmful substances. These substances can leach into the soil, affecting plants, wildlife, and humans.

Industrial wastewater is not always toxic or hazardous but still requires proper disposal. Municipal sewage treatment plants handle wastewater from residential and commercial activities, while industrial plants have to manage their own industrial wastewater disposal to meet EPA guidelines.

Photo: Those fishing and living downstream from Bedford could be impacted by those plans

The latest rate hike is to help pay for the Spider Creek lift station and upgrades and for GM Powertrain's plans to hook-up to Bedford's sewer system.

The Spider Creek Lift Station project that has a projected cost of $ 22 million and not to exceed $25 million.

The Spider Creek project is expected to be completed by December 2025.

Photo: The largest sewer project will increase sewer rates over a three year period for Bedford Utility customers

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission in their meeting back in February pledged $ 2 million of Tax Increment Funds (TIF) towards the project with another two million dollars at a later date.

The City of Bedford intends to use $2.9 Million American Rescue Plan Act, Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative funds in the amount of $1.8 million, ROI grant in the amount of $250,000, Indiana Economic Development grant in the amount of $ 5 million, and the City of Bedford $1 million. A total of approximately $14 million pledged towards the project.

Photo: Approved rate hikes for sewer customers

The City of Bedford resident's sewer costs of approximately $44.50 of approximately using 4,000 gallons a month will raise to $64 a month within a three-year period of time.

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