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Chris May - Reducing jail overcrowding, boosting public safety

STATE - (January 21, 2022) -This session, Chirs May co-authored legislation to help address jail overcrowding and boost resources to fight crime.

House Bill 1004 would provide judicial flexibility so Level 6 felony offenders can be sent to the Indiana Department of Correction.


A recent report by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute shows nearly 75% of all felony criminal filings in 2021 were Level 6 felonies, with many of those substance-related, like possession of meth or operating while intoxicated.

A recent Justice Study in Lawrence County proposes a $46 Million-dollar correctional facility. The cost will be approximately one thousand dollars for every resident living in Lawrence County. With the DOC often offering greater access to mental health and addiction treatment services than many local jails, more offenders can get additional help to stay out of the criminal justice system. Advertisement

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, 77% of Indiana's jails are overcrowded or at capacity. Alleviating county jail overcrowding issues will help locals redirect resources to where they matter most. To learn more about House Bill 1004, click here.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to be looking at the Lawrence County Justice Study. For breaking news, news and information subsribe to

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