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Cheyenne Hill believes Ellie Plummer would have been the next " Jeffery Dahmer"

Updated: Feb 2

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JANUARY 31, 2024 - In an emotional testimony given Wednesday afternoon by Indiana Donor Network Family Service Representative Erin Lane, broke down on the stand in describing the day she met both Cheyenne Hill and 19 month old Ellie Plummer.

Photo: Cheyenne Hill says she believes Eliie would be the next " Jeffery Dalmer"

Erin Lane described that Hill requested that Ellie organs be donated, and that under normal circumstances that most patients would have a Glascow Coma Scale of less than 5 and two tests would have been performed prior to organ donation process would have started.

Erin Lane stated in her testimony that Ellie had good spinal reflexes in both her lower extremities. At first Cheyenne wanted the organ donation done right a way, but then decided to wait the until the next day for this process.

Lane was surprised to find Hill laying in bed with Ellie and stroking her head. Hill telling Lane I think she had Lupus which was causing her hair to have keep falling out.

In tears Lane told the jurors that Hill said " Ellie is not a nice kid" and " I believe that Ellie would be the next Jeffery Dahmer," after this testimony one juror could be seen with tears in her eyes.

Jefferey Lionel Dahmer was serial killer who killed 17 males from 1978-1991.

The nick name that Cheyenne referred to Ellie as " Taz" as in the Tasmanian Devil. Hill telling Lane " there was something not right with her,"

The testimony given by Lane wrapped Wednesdays court proceedings for the second day of witness testimony, with just a brief follow up question for Lawrence County Sheriff's Detective Jim Slone by Lawrence County Prosecutor Joshua Scherschel.

Andrea Powers, Indiana University Riley Hospital Child Protection Program Nurse Practitioner was the first to take the stand Wednesday morning.

On November 23, 2022 Ellie was transferred to Riley Hospital by helicopter from Bedford IU Health Hospital arriving approximately 4:00 pm.

When Ellie arrived at Riley Hospital her eyes was fixed and dilated and not responsive. Ellie's injuries consisted of Bodily bruising to head ,face, injuries to both cheeks, chest, side of her chest, lower back, and bruising to hips and arms.

Powers testimony stated that Ellie injuries was the result of non-accidental trauma or in laymen's terms the trauma was inflicted on Ellie, as the result of child abuse.

Powers testified that if the parent or caregiver sought treatment sooner " we cannot guarantee that they would have been a different outcome however the child would be treated with quicker diagnosis and treatment of her injuries,"

The court ruled that Powers testimony was considered expert testimony but did not meet the criteria court qualified expert from 702 Qualifications under trial rules.

Ellie Plummer died on November 26, 2022 at 4:35 pm and the child appeared to be malnourished at the time of her death.


Kara Fleming, who lived in Maple Ridge Apartments testified in court that she notified Indiana Child Services four times in 18 months. This was one of several questions asked by jurors during today's court proceedings. Under Indiana law jurors are free to ask questions and was presented to Judge Plummer.

Kara Fleming concerned about bruising to Ellie, sleeping arrangements, placing calls to DCS from September until the day the child went to the hospital.

Ellie always had some kind of bruising

The relationship between Cheyenne Hill and Kara Fleming was not the best with Kara Fleming's husband Cameron living with Cheyenne for several months up to the day Ellie Plummer was taken to the hospital.

In fact there were confrontations numerous times between Fleming and Hill. But Kara maintains she would have been more than willing to take Cheynne and her child to the hospital or doctor.

"Cheyenne just would not allow me to take her," stated Kara.

Kara Fleming maintains that Cheyenne called Ellie her miracle baby but in no way treated her like a miracle baby.

Photo: Neighbors to Cheyenne Hill testify during court Wednesday

The baby sitters testimony Michelle Barrow and her fiancé Kevin Cliff told of how the two watched Ellie when Cheyenne went to work.

Barrow watched Ellie while Cheyenne was at work at Priceless IGA in Bedford.

During testimony a couple days before Thanksgiving Barrow found a large knot on Elllie's forehead. Cheyenne telling Barrow that Ellie fell off the bed and hit her head on the side of a nearby table.

Barrow was told by Cheyenne that she contacted the doctor and was told to put ice on it and she was also giving her Tylenol.

Barrow was instructed not to take Ellie to the doctor or anyplace.

Kevin Cliff said in his testimony on Wednesday stated that Ellie was declining, and Cheyenne almost threatening that she did not the two to take Ellie out, not to take her to the doctor or the hospital that it was her decision and she was Ellie's mother.

On Wednesday November 23, 2022 Kevin Cliff testified he heard Cheyenne yelling at Ellie and telling her to shut up.

Ellie was crying when Cheyenne told her to " Shut up, or I am going to throw you against the wall," according to Cliff.

Later that day on Wednesday Barrow received a call to take Cheyenne and Ellie to the IU Bedford Hospital.

During cross examination by Defense attorney Bob Hamilton asked Cliff if he knew that he was a suspect in this case. Cliff replied " No I did not,"

" Did you injure, Ellie," asked Hamilton. " I did not harm Ellie, by any means, it did not happen in our care," fumed Cliff. " The only thing I am guilty of is not getting little girl help,"

Neighbor Carol Zollman told in her testimony that she found bruises on Ellie's face in early November with Cheyenne telling her that they were not bruises but chocolate.

Then a week prior to Thanksgiving Zollman testified that Cameron brought his boys and Ellie to the apartment. According to Zollman Ellie was ice cold to the touch, had bruising, and circle under eyes, and described her as white as a ghost.

According to Zollman " I asked what is going on here? It was the last time I saw Ellie,"

Cheyenne Hill is charged l with Child Neglect resulting in death with the victim less than the age of 14.

Child Neglect is a Level 1 felony if it consists of endangerment, abandonment, cruel confinement, or deprivation of necessary support by a person at least 18 years of age and: it results in the death or catastrophic injury of a dependent who is less than 14 years of age; or it results in the death or catastrophic injury of a dependent of any age who has a mental or physical disability.

A Level 1 felony carries a maximum penalty of 50 years in prison and a $10,000 fine in Indiana law.

Testimony is not expected to begin until 9:15 in the third day of testimony with the jury expected to go into deliberations sometime on Friday should there be no unexpected delays.

Two witnesses was removed from the defense witness list earlier in the week.

Judge John Plummer is expected to rule on some jury instructions before the jury will get the case Friday.

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