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BLOOMINGTON - DECEMBER 1, 2022 - The announcement of layoffs of 400 at Catalent has employees concerned with a wide range of emotions.

Bloomington's largest employer says those employees will be notified December 2, 2022, whether they will be terminated. Some already notified that they will be losing their positions in the first round of notifications.

Some of those employees from Lawrence County were notified they will no longer be working there, other Lawrence County employees waiting to see if they will survive a second wave of announcements.

At this time no one from Lawrence County employees wanted to be on the record for interviewed at this time. Only to say they hope they could survive the job cuts.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamiliton

Mayor John Hamilton has issued the following statement regarding today's Catalent announcement:

"I learned today that Catalent is laying off 400 employees, full-time and temporary, between November 30 and December 2. I am sad to learn about this difficult and painful decision and my heart is with the affected individuals and their families.

My understanding is that in responding to the pandemic Catalent significantly ramped up operations to accommodate the manufacturing of life-saving vaccines, but at present, the same volume of production is not necessary and thus is not economically sustainable as before.

My administration will continue to work with the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, (BEDC), the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, and Catalent and their employees to minimize the impact on those affected by these layoffs. We will also continue working to bring jobs to Bloomington and connect people with those job opportunities.

Catalent continues to be a major employer in Bloomington, employing 3,100 people after these layoffs and remains invested in this community. We look forward to their continued long-term growth and success, including significant capital improvement projects already underway here in their Bloomington facility.

My office will continue to participate in a community response that supports Bloomington workers and businesses and connects Bloomingtonians to work opportunities.

The City of Bloomington provided Catalent with $44 Million tax credit to be able to bring expand the Bloomington operation and add approximately 1,100 jobs to the facility.

The company eliminated 200 temporary positions in June of this year.

The Catalent has approximately 3,212 full time employees with plans to expand 1,100 with the tax abatement granted to the company.

The expansion of the company was part of a conversation for a planned Monroe County Jail The property itself is located on Rogers Street owned by Monroe County.

The Monroe County Commissioners issued a resolution earlier this year to set aside the property for a period of two years, in case that Catalent. wanted to purchase the property.

At this time, it is not known whether the City of Bloomington will seek to have the tax abatement rescinded. after yesterday's announcement.

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