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Carl Baker attends first meeting of Oolitic Town Council Monday night

OOLITIC - JANUARY 30, 2024 - The Lawrence County Republican Central Committee has appointed Carl Baker to fulfill the remainder of Tangie Jenkins resigned Oolitic Town Council term, effective January 23rd.

Photo: Carl Baker attends first Oolitic Town Council meeting after being appointed by the GOP Chairman Heath Hawkins on January 23rd to fill the vacancy left by Tangie Jenkins who resigned her seat

On Monday night Baker attended his first meeting.

Baker has lived in Oolitic for about three years and the house he is living in has been around since 1890.

" I saw a need in the community and I like to help," said Bakers who was asked why he wanted to serve the Town of Oolitic on the town council.

Baker was previously a realtor and automotive technician and now is retired. " Oolitic is a great little town and great limestone history and use to be cold limestone along with Lawrence County.

" Glad to member of the council and and do the best I can here and we will be successful here," said Baker.


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