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Bridge Work over the railroad on Mill Creek Road Delayed

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 20, 2023 - Lawrence County Highway Superintendent Brandi Webb reports that the delays continue for bridge work on Mill Creek that spans the CSX railroad.

Photo: Mill Creek Road Bridge work that spans the CSX railroad has been delayed

The closing of the bride is delayed until Frontier Communications get their lines removed and CSX railroad approves the demolition plans.

One both Frontier and CSX has done their part the bridge will close thirty days after and the closure is expected to last several months.

County officials hope the work can start sometime in August.

CLR was awarded a $2.6 million contract for the project and the county will pay $319,536.10.

Webb reports that a culvert replacement on Back Creek Road has been completed, two of the three new mowing tractors were out mowing the county roads this morning, and stripping has been completed on Tunnelton, Sandpit, Vinegar Hill, and Dixie Highways.

Paving of the county roadways should begin around the end of June or the beginning of July.

In addition, Webb informed the commissioners she will be applying for a $1 Million community crossing grant this year.

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