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BRI Ask City of Bedford to consider making area around Harp Commons smoke free

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 21, 2023 - The Bedford Revitalization Incorporated is asking the City of Bedford council members to consider drafting an ordinance to prohibit smoking in the grassy area around Harp Commons.

No action was taken during the city council meeting Tuesday night; however, the city council members are considering the action.

The building itself is an already smoke free zone, however the board members of BRI are asking for the changes after a recent Halloween event had a smoker around the children that was in the area.

The BRI members focusing also on the Limestone Heritage Festival Event that is held every year.

The city council members discussed the matter at great length, and asking how this ordinance would be enforceable, and penalties involved in enforcing the ordinance.

The city council members are still in discussion over the matter.

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