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Board of Works Approves Repainting of Mural

BEDFORD - (February 23, 2022) - The Bedford Board of Works approved the repainting of the Mural on the Times Mail building. The repainting comes after a roof leak caused some of the paint to wear off and be damaged. The mural will be repainted in the amount of $4,500 this remains the last part of the Stellar Grant that needs to be completed.

In other business:

  • Took under advisement of bids received for a Grapple Truck: Best Equipment bid was $188,904 and Central Indiana Truck for a bid $198,170. Street Commissioner David Flinn wanted to make sure the bids were in order before making a recommendation

  • Accepted a bid from Darrin George for the purchase of Ford 2003 Ford Sportax Vehicle for a bid of $2,550. The other vehicle 2001 Ford F-17 Truck vehicle received no bids and the Board of Works approved the vehicle be scrapped.

  • Approved Bedford Police Chief Terry Moore request to follow Indiana Archives regulations on record management. There are records that are over 60 years old within the department.

  • Approved the Stone City Properties minor subdivision located on Limestone Drive into three lots.

  • Approved an agreement with Baker Tilly to help Bedford Clerk-Treasurer with preparing for the future of State Board of Accounts compliance with record keeping and financial transactions of the city. The State Board of Accounts will be requiring more accountability. The contract for hourly rate is not to exceed $15,000

  • Approved Denise Henderson (Human Resources) request to purchase Swipe Clock contract for Human Resource management of personnel records. The contract for the 166 employees will be charged at $4.50 per user of the system

  • Approved Denise Henerson (Human Resources) request to enter into a contract with CDL Training Center in Columbus to help city employees with the new requirements of CDL first time applicants. The cost will be $2,500 to $6,000 that will be both on-line and driver testing. The Board of Works also applied a reimbursement policy for the city employees who take part in the program and require them to pay back the cost should they leave in a specified period of time.

  • Approved a Baker Tilly Scope of Work agreement not to exceed $25,000 for SRF management of the $7 Million Wastewater renovation project.

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