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Bloomington Police Department to Conduct Mobile Roll-Calls

BLOOMINGTON– MAY 23, 2022 - In an effort to continue strong connections with the neighborhoods of Bloomington, the Bloomington Police Department (BPD) will begin conducting mobile roll calls throughout the City. As officers begin each of the three work shifts in a day, they meet together at roll call to receive specific assignments and any pertinent information for the day. Members of the community are invited to attend when they see the Mobile Field Office truck, to communicate their concerns with officers, and to meet the people patrolling their neighborhoods. As the mobile roll calls are implemented, residents should expect to see the Mobile Field Office truck as well as several patrol vehicles in parking lots around the City. These roll calls will occur during various shifts. Residents are encouraged to stop and visit with officers as they see the roll calls. Further, anyone interested in touring the Mobile Field Office or in seeing the equipment in a patrol vehicle will be provided an opportunity to do so. “Our community and this administration are very proud of our Bloomington Police Department and their excellent record of protecting the community,” said Mayor John Hamilton. “We have a tradition of excellence in recruiting and hiring officers and providing intensive, state-of-the-art training. We embrace accountability and positive change, including in the national 21st Century Policing Report and our own community’s Future of Policing Task. Neighborhood roll calls are one more step in our journey toward better and more inclusive public safety.” Increasing social or personal interactions between officers and the public at large was a key recommendation of the April 2022 inaugural report from the community-member-led Future of Policing Task Force. Mobile roll calls are one of several community outreach events planned over the next several months. The Bloomington Police Department is proud of the work our officers do and enjoy meeting members of the community to engage in open dialogue to better understand and target the problems identified in our neighborhoods.

BPD Mobile Field Office

An afternoon BPD roll call during the pandemic in 2020

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