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Betty Lou Hale at 94 still attends the Claude Akins Memorial Classic

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 4, 2023 - The 2023 Claude Akins Memorial Classic is in the books and the annual Labor Day event is a fun time that attracts people from all over.

Photo: Betty Lou Hale at 94 years young hit the Otis Park Golf Course on Sunday

This year, Bedford resident Betty Lou Hale at 94 years of age was all smiles and having a wonderful time on the course.

" This is wonderful time to be able to play. I always have a good time, however we did not play well. I have been to every Claude Akins I can remember," said Hale following her final hole for the day.

" This will probably be my last one, as I am not doing well as I once was, but we will see," added Hale.

A total of 108 teams came out for a weekend of fun and just enjoying a time of playing golf.

John Dufore, played for a Hole in 1 trying for $1 million and did not make it.

While at the 18th hole yours truly did have to dodge a few incoming, Trying to figure out if they could not know how to play golf or they just wanted the media to go away.

The culprits and guilty party will remain anonymous as I will be back next year covering this spectacular event that really helps improves the Bedford Parks.

Photo: Team Scott Callahan Attorney at law included Scott Callahan, Johnny Williams, Craig Bowden, Rob Friedman, Sean Lewis and Aaron Walter's

In the seriousness ,this long lasting tradition of honoring a Bedford resident and movie Star Claude Akins, the event's legacy continues on.

The Lawrence County Zephyr will report the results when they become available.

Several photos can be found on the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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