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Bedford's Garden Park Hoop House Prepared for This year's Growing Season

BEDFORD - (APRIL 28, 2022) - The Hoop House is being prepared for this year's growing season at Bedford's Garden Park.

Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation will be providing programing at the HOOP House. Following the programing the Bedford Parks Department will be looking at ways for the public to be able use the HOOP House in the future.

Bedford Parks Department crews are preparing the field and marking spaces for those who have reserved their spaces.

The garden spaces are still available for the public to reserve. A $15 key fee for those who want to use the tools at the shed at the park.

Garden Park sits on the northside of Bedford between 4th and 5th Street in Bedford. The park provides a place to walk on a quarter mile pathway, playground, shelter house, and watch the vegetables grow.

The park itself is ADA friendly, restroom facilities, birdhouses, beehives, fruit trees and park benches for users to sit down and relax.

Park hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and city residents are encouraged to take advantage of this park.

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