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Bedford Parks Department Pickleball Courts give life back to Wilson Park

BEDFORD - AUGUST 17, 2023 - The Bedford Parks Department tries to have programing for residents of all ages and make sure the park system is well utilized.

Photo: The Bedford Parks Foundation helped with this project.

The local community did not want to place a dog park in the Wilson Park neighborhood, but everyone could agree the pickleball courts will bring life to the park.

The Bedford Board of Works approved $10,000 to go to the project with the Bedford Parks Department and Bedford Recreation splitting $105,000 for a total cost of $115,000.

" We was about $10,000 short on the bid from Flynn & Sons ," said Bedford Parks Director Jimmie Jones.

The Bedford Recreation Foundation who supports many community was pleased to support and be a part of the project.

" This an an excellent asset to Wilson Park and the city," said Tom Elliott Bedford Recreation Foundation.

" We want to make sure what we do counts, and we felt like with the popularity of pickleball and the city not having a dedicated court we could help with this. We have fantastic parks and feel like Wilson Park can be utilized more," said Joe Elliott president Bedford Parks Foundation.

The Fall season is about to get underway with sign-ups ending on August 25th. Call Bedford Parks Department at 812-275-5692 for more information.

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