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Bedford North Lawrence High School student works the polls Tuesday

MITCHELL - NOVEMBER 7, 2023 - A Bedford North Lawrence High School student worked the polls on Tuesday as part of earning a government class credit.

Photo: Bedford North Lawrence High School student Isabelle Alldredge, age 18 worked the polls at Mitchell voting center

" Even though this is for a government credit I thought it would be interesting working the polls. This keeps me interested in the election process. I do not have any interest in running for elected office, it takes a lot of work to be a candidate. Being candidate look interesting but I do not see this in my future, said Isabelle.

" This has been interesting to see the voting process as a election worker. I am amazed the amount of rules and regulations and laws that are required during elections. I would like to do this once again,"


Located at 1416James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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